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Branding & Website design for 
Sci-Fi author David T Gilbert

We designed a new website for Sci-Fi author David T Gilbert to launch his author career. The fresh brand identity and user-friendly design showcase his work, engage readers, and reflect his unique style, setting the stage for his literary success. David was looking for a professional platform to start building his audience from, and our tailored approach provided exactly that.

Email List Integration Made Simple 📩

David T Gilbert wanted to start building an email list but didn’t know where to begin. Indie Bubble designed a website with integrated email list functionality, making it easy for David to connect with his readers and grow his audience. Now, he can effortlessly gather email subscribers and keep them updated on his latest works and events.

Professional Platform for Launching and Promoting Books 📖

David needed a professional platform to launch his new book and continue promoting his other works. Indie Bubble created a polished, engaging website that highlights his books and offers a seamless experience for readers. This platform not only showcases David's current releases but also sets the stage for future publications, supporting his ongoing journey as a Sci-Fi author.

Focus on Writing: Let Us Handle the Website 👌

With the demands of writing his second book and promoting the first, David was too busy to build a website. Indie Bubble stepped in to take on this task, delivering a custom-designed, user-friendly site. This allowed David to concentrate on his writing and promotion efforts, knowing his online presence was in expert hands.

What David thought about his Branding & Author Website 🤔

"Incredibly helpful, flexible and innovative. Alex's personal ethics code for clients is second to none; you couldnt be in better hands. Alex cant be faulted and we wish we'd known about him and Indie Bubble much much earlier. This is from the perspective of much very financially draining experience elsewhere with other companies. He's wiped the floor with them on creativity, professionalism and care. The book's doing so well now."

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