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Do Smaller Authors Really Need a Website?

As an author with just a couple of books published so far, you may be wondering if it's really worth the effort to build an author website. After all, major bestselling authors with huge fanbases obviously need a strong online presence. But what about the "little guys" who are just getting started and don't have a massive following yet? Is an author website truly essential?

Author Websites

The short answer is - yes, even smaller authors can significantly benefit from having their own website. In fact, a professional-looking website maybe even more critical when you're first starting out and trying to get discovered by potential readers.

Here's why:

Professionalism and Discoverability

Having a dedicated website instantly lends an air of professionalism and legitimacy to your author platform. With so many books vying for attention these days, a polished website helps demonstrate that you are a serious writer, not just a hobbyist. It makes it easier for potential readers to find you through search engines when they're looking for new books in your genre. An online home base gives you a consistent point of discoverability that social media alone cannot provide.

Direct Relationship with Readers

While social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are great for spreading awareness of your books, you're ultimately at the mercy of those platforms' constantly changing algorithms, policies and interfaces. Your website, on the other hand, allows you to directly communicate and engage with readers on your own terms through things like blog posts, email newsletters, discussion forums and more - without a third-party gatekeeper. You own this space completely and can control the experience.

Book Promotion and Sales

One of the biggest benefits of an author website is using it as a powerful book marketing and sales tool. From sharing details about your books like descriptions, excerpts, reviews and more, to actually selling books directly to readers and accepting payments, a website amplifies your revenue streams in ways that relying solely on third-party retailers cannot. You can also easily link out to retailers like Amazon to make purchasing easy through whichever channel the reader prefers.

Build Your Author Brand

Perhaps most importantly, a website serves as the perfect hub for shaping and reinforcing your unique author brand identity over time. This goes beyond just selling books - it's about giving readers a way to connect with you personally as a writer. Share your bio, writing insights, photos, videos, samples of your work and more to help readers emotionally invest in you and your journey as an author. This is how you organically cultivate loyal fans who will not only buy your current books, but get excited for every new release.

Low Cost, High Value

Compared to expensive marketing avenues like book advertising or book tour travel, a basic author website is extremely low cost - especially when weighed against its potential value. The visibility, reader connections, book sales and branding rewards you can reap from having an online home base make it one of the smartest, most cost-effective investments you can make in your writing career, even as a smaller author just starting out.

While social media, author email lists, blogging, and other tactics are also important, a website serves as the core platform to unite your efforts and give you a strong author platform that you can fully control. So, even if you're just a "little guy" at the moment, an author website can pay dividends by giving you a professional footprint, connecting you directly with readers, allowing you to effectively promote and sell books, and laying the vital groundwork for your long-term author brand.

The exact website can be as simple or complex as you like based on your goals and budget. But having some online homebase that is distinctly yours is an affordable way to seriously amplify your publishing efforts right out of the gate.

Build Your Online Author Platform with Indie Bubble

Of course, while the value is clear, actually getting an author website designed and built can feel like a daunting task to take on alone, especially when you're just starting.

This is where Indie Bubble can help.

We specialise in creating beautiful, high-converting websites exclusively for independent authors like yourself. We have experience in both website design and online book marketing, so we can build you a stunning, user-friendly author platform that doesn't just look great but is strategically designed to promote your books, connect with readers, and grow your author brand over time.

From modern designs to easy-updating capabilities, built-in mailing list tools, e-commerce store functionality and more, we'll work closely with you to understand your unique needs and create a bespoke website tailored to your specific goals. We take the hassle and code out of the equation so you can focus on what really matters - writing great books while your online platform does the heavy lifting.

If you're ready to claim your professional author space on the internet and take your efforts to new heights, request a free quote today and let's get started!

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