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The Smart Way to Use Amazon Ads for Your Book Launches

As an author, one of the most exciting and nerve-wracking times is launching a new book out into the world. You've poured your heart and soul into writing and publishing this creation; now it's time to get it in front of readers.

Amazon Ads in Three Steps

Of course, in today's ultra-competitive book market, visibility and discoverability are absolutely crucial.

This is why many authors look to leverage the power of Amazon's advertising platform to promote their new releases.

Running Amazon ads for your book can be a great way to drive targeted traffic, boost sales, and climb the rankings on the world's biggest online bookstore.

However, it's important to understand that there's a right way and a wrong way to utilise Amazon ads - the difference between an effective campaign and just flushing money down the drain.

The Wrong Way to Use Amazon Ads

Too many authors make the mistake of jumping straight into Amazon ads without having the proper foundations in place first. They start spending money on ads sending cold traffic to their book's Amazon page... which only has 1 or 2 reviews and no existing audience or platform.

Can you see why this approach is doomed to fail?

For a brand-new book by an unknown author with minimal social proof, those Amazon ads simply aren't going to convert very well. Online shoppers deciding whether to purchase have no reason to take a chance on this book over the thousands of others out there by established authors.

The Smart Way to Run Successful Amazon Ad Campaigns

To truly leverage the power of Amazon ads and get your money's worth (or more!) from the investment, there's a strategic 3-step process to follow first:

Step 1: Build an Audience First

Before ever spending a dime on ads, your number one priority should be building up an audience of warm readers and fans who already know you and your work. Tactics like:

• Getting active on relevant social media platforms

• Starting an email list and nurturing it

• Running giveaways and other engagement efforts

• Promoting preview chapters and snippets

The more people you can get familiar with your name, your brand, and your past books (if applicable), the better those paid Amazon ad campaigns will inevitably convert. Why? Because these warm audiences provide crucial social proof and a much higher likelihood of purchasing from someone they "know" and follow already.

Having an existing audience also opens up opportunities for retargeting fans with your book ads, leveraging their organic sharing and advocacy, and making your book generally more visible and attractive compared to those coming in totally cold from the Amazon ads.

Step 2: Get Reviews for Social Proof

The second critical component is ensuring your new book already has a solid number of positive reviews by the time you start running ads.

While you can generate some initial reviews through advanced reader teams, book promotion services, etc., ideally, your ultimate goal is getting 20, 30, 50 or more authentic reader reviews on your book's Amazon page.

Those reviews act as powerful social proof that helps sell the value of your book to cold traffic hitting those Amazon ads. An unknown book with little or no reviews is going to struggle to convince prospects to hit "Buy Now." But one with dozens of shining reviews from real people? That's a far more compelling offer.

Step 3: Time Ads for New Launches

Once you've built an audience and secured solid reviews, now your book is perfectly positioned to leverage Amazon ads for a successful new release.

With an existing warm and engaged audience of fans to drive some of those initial sales, the book's ranking algorithm gets a kickstart. Then the influx of targeted ad traffic has a much higher likelihood of converting into sales, ratings, and reviews that keep building your book's momentum and visibility on Amazon.

Between your warm audience and the cold traffic from ads, your book gets the perfect storm of exposure to really pop off for a hot new release.

Remember, the key to using Amazon ads effectively comes down to not putting the "cart before the horse." Running ads blind from a standing start is incredibly difficult for an unknown author. But by first investing time into growing an audience and reviews, your paid Amazon traffic suddenly gets a massive force-multiplier effect.

So get strategic with your book launches and set that crucial foundation first. Then, let Amazon's powerful advertising solutions go to work for your next bestseller!

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