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The Ultimate Keyword Research Download Guide for Sci-Fi Authors



Discover the Ultimate Keyword Research Guide for Sci-Fi Authors!

Whether you're a new indie author or a seasoned self-publisher, strong keyword research is essential for getting your Sci-Fi books discovered. 

This comprehensive download guide will show you exactly how to:

Identify high-traffic keywords that attract your target readers
Optimise your book titles, blurbs, and categories for keywords
Research keyword demand on Amazon for your niche
Use tools like Google Keyword Tool and Publisher Rocket
Boost your rankings with strategic keyword placement
Advertise your book with the right keywords
Track keyword performance and ranking

Stop guessing and learn how to leverage proven keyword research tactics tailored specifically for the competitive Sci-Fi market. 

This easy-to-follow guide will save you time and maximise your book's visibility!

Whether you're launching your first Sci-Fi novel or looking to improve the discovery of your backlist books, this comprehensive guide has you covered. 

Stop struggling and start harnessing the power of strategic keyword research to reach more readers!


Additional Information

File Format: This guide is delivered as a PDF document that can be viewed on any device using a PDF reader app.


Licensing: You are granted a lifetime personal use license for this guide. You may print it for your reference or store it on your devices. Commercial re-selling or distribution of the guide is prohibited under the terms of purchase.


Latest Version Date: This guide was updated in February 2024 to provide the most up-to-date and relevant keyword research techniques. 

We truly hope this keyword research guide provides value to indie authors and their marketing efforts.


Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or issues accessing the PDF download.


Our focus is creating affordable, helpful resources for the indie author community.